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But the unique things about the game, including the ability for any player to create anything they want, can result in wide variations in quality, age-appropriateness, and relevancy to your kid's specific interests and gaming ability. There are hundreds of channels devoted to Minecraft , including popular but edgy ones such as  Yogscast and SkyDoesMinecraft , and it's hard to know which ones are good for kids. Although you could download an app such as KicVidz , which curates only kid-friendly Minecraft videos, you know your little fanatic will be begging -- and searching YouTube -- for more.

In August 2014, scientists announced the collection of possible interstellar dust particles from the Stardust spacecraft since returning to Earth in 2006. [8] [9] [10] [11] In March 2017, scientists reported that extraterrestrial dust particles have been identified all over planet Earth. [2] According to one of the researchers, “Once I knew what to look for, I found them everywhere.” [1]

Spacedust - Hits N' PiecesSpacedust - Hits N' PiecesSpacedust - Hits N' PiecesSpacedust - Hits N' Pieces