Hopeton lewis / bunny general - it's raining / ready fi dance

So what could have happened in 1966 to change the beat from the frenetic Ska to the laid back sound of the Rocksteady? Rumour and word has it that it was a combination of things that conspired..First of all popular information/knowledge has it that a heatwave swept the island forcing the dancers and musicians to slow the tempo..secondly as is often, (if not always), the case the time had come for the islands musicologists to evolve and in my experience slow follows quick. Thirdly, (and I’m guessing here), the Ganja may have influenced proceedings…

I'm removing Queen (band) from the list. Not being a fan I don't know if they ever made any reggae songs but I would argue that, even if they did, they are not primarily known as reggae musicians and so don't belong on this list. Equally if the Queen (band) meant is another unknown reggae act then it still doesn't belong here as it is linking to the article about Freddie Mercury et al. There again perhaps it was just vandalism but I felt I needed to explain my reasoning just in case. Keresaspa ( talk ) 17:00, 25 April 2010 (UTC) YOU FORGOT TO SONG ARTIST ON THE LIST THAT I NOTICED N ABOUT TWO MINUTES HA. RAS MATTHEWS, TONTO IRIE.

In the past 25 years or so quite a lot of Rocksteady compilation sets have been put out by record labels like Heartbeat, Trojan Records, Jamaican Gold, Dub Store Records, Soul Jazz, Attack, Kingston Sounds and Pressure Sounds, which implies that those who have collected previously released Rocksteady compilation cd’s most likely won’t come across many rare tunes on this “First Class Rock Steady” collection. Tunes such as Alton Ellis & The Flames’ “Rock Steady”, The Jamaicans’ “Ba Ba Boom”, The Melodians’ “Last Train To Expo 67”, Errol Dunkley’s “You’re Gonna Need Me”, The Sensations’ “Born To Love You”, The Techniques’ “You Don’t Care”, The Gaylads’ “ABC Rocksteady”, and The Uniques’ “Beautitude”, have been part of popular and widely available compilation cd’s.

Hopeton Lewis / Bunny General - It's Raining / Ready Fi DanceHopeton Lewis / Bunny General - It's Raining / Ready Fi DanceHopeton Lewis / Bunny General - It's Raining / Ready Fi DanceHopeton Lewis / Bunny General - It's Raining / Ready Fi Dance