Noisia / paul reset - silicon / crisis (kemal rmx)

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I Am Legion is a supergroup formed by Noisia and the British hip hop group Foreign Beggars . They released their eponymous debut album I Am Legion on 2 September 2013, following the singles "Make Those Move" and "Choosing For You". [17] [18]

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Noisia (the word VISION rotated 180 degrees) consists of three guys: Nik Roos(21), Martijn van Sonderen(20) and Thijs de Vlieger(22) from Groningen, Netherlands. Acquainted through the small graffiti community in the school they all went to, Nik and Thijs made friends in 1998 and started making music to kill time and have a laugh. Soon after their first confrontation with drum 'n bass, they started digging into it, and gradually making music just for fun evolved into a serious obsession to make good dnb.

After a few fruitful collaborations with Martijn, who had been in music (hiphop production/classical piano) for quite a while before he hooked up with Nik and Thijs, Martijn was added to the noisia team.
After a while the internet was discovered as a great way to acquire knowledge and to get feedback on productions. Also the first noisia tune that received interest from a real label (mayhem's shadow-law recordings) was found on a production message board, this interest was a big motivation to get the tunes to sound better. An investment in studio-equipment and a dedication to sound design, mixdown and arrangement got things moving, and february 2003 saw the birth of the tune that was going to be the first released noisia tune; "tomahawk" by noisia and mayhem on paul reset's "nerve" imprint. The flip of that was "silicon" written in the hangover-days after mayhem's short but fruitful stay. Silicon/tomahawk was released in august 2003, and after that things gradually started rolling.

Noisia / Paul Reset - Silicon / Crisis (Kemal Rmx)Noisia / Paul Reset - Silicon / Crisis (Kemal Rmx)Noisia / Paul Reset - Silicon / Crisis (Kemal Rmx)