Moby - last night / hotel

Now, of course, Moby can’t please anyone. He gave the public another Play (his 2002 album 18 ), and they said “You gave us this already!” So he made a record for himself (2005’s Hotel ), and they said, “We want something that sounds like Play !” Then V2, sadly, went kaput, and now Moby’s moved to the dance-friendly Mute imprint, deciding to go back to his roots for his newest, Last Night . The problem is that he’s not making music for the public anymore; he’s making it for the hipsters, and they wrote him off the second the CHR stations started playing “Porcelain.” This record is going to fall on a whole mess of deaf ears.

Moby - Last Night / HotelMoby - Last Night / HotelMoby - Last Night / HotelMoby - Last Night / Hotel